The Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) condemns Google and Meta’s threats to block news for Canadians as part of their ongoing attempts to subvert the newly passed Online News Act, Bill C-18.

With Google announcing its intention to block news from Canadians’ search results in response to a breakdown in negotiations with the Minister of Canadian Heritage, these foreign digital platforms are attempting to strong-arm the Government into amending this much-needed legislation after the fact.

“Google and Meta have shown their complete disregard for our democratic institutions by threatening to block news here in Canada,” says CAB President Kevin Desjardins. “These foreign digital giants are intent on using their dominant positions to not only corner the market in search and advertising in our country, but also to attempt to roll back legislation and set the rules to their own benefit.”

“We believe this will be an issue for the Competition Bureau to scrutinize closely if Google and Meta refuse to engage in a good faith negotiation regime and the forthcoming regulatory processes,” continues Desjardins.

The CAB welcomes the recent passage of Bill C-18, the Online News Act, which will right the imbalance that has existed between Canadian news businesses and the foreign web giants that benefit financially from using their content.