The full text of each of the codes developed by the CAB are provided below.

Code of Ethics

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to document the realization by proprietors and managers of broadcasting stations, networks and specialty services (“broadcasters”), that, as an integral part in the media of communications of this nation, their first responsibility is to the radio listeners and television viewers of Canada for the dissemination of information and news, the supply of a variety of entertainment programming to meet the various tastes of listeners and viewers, and the necessity for ethical business standards in dealing with advertisers and their agencies.

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CAB Code Regarding Violence in Television Programming

This Code represents a responsible and pro-active approach to the issue of violence in programming telecast by Canada's private, over-the-air broadcasters.

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Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Equitable Portrayal Code

This code reflects the responsibilities of licensees, under the Broadcasting Act, to ensure that their programming and broadcast services achieve the highest standards, and demonstrates the private broadcasters' commitment to the equitable portrayal of all persons in their programming.

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The Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children (ASC)

Advertising to children in Canada is an area of marketing and communications that Canadian industry treats with the highest degree of standards and accountability. Heralded around the world as one of the most comprehensive and complete systems of codes and standards for responsible advertising to children, the Canadian system is often referenced as the standard by which other countries are measured, and is cited frequently by such international groups as the World Health Organization.

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