Broadcasters are part of the cultural and economic fabric of communities large and small across the nation. We support Canadian content made for and by Canadians. We deliver Canadian stories that matter – local, regional and national news and information, as well as educational and entertainment programming.

Broadcasters support community initiatives, and offer a platform for Canadian creators and businesses. They create and sustain hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Current laws and regulations give an unfair advantage to foreign content platforms, which allow them to increasingly dominate the Canadian marketplace while benefiting from long standing regulatory exemptions.

This has left an inequitable and unsustainable system for regulated Canadian broadcasters.

Our local television and radio broadcasters are facing a crisis. Without immediate action from our government, many of our local Canadian television and radio stations will go off the air in the next three years, denying our communities a truly local media voice. This would mean fewer news choices, and less diversity in what media you can consume.