Thank you to our members on the east coast who have been working hard to stay on air and keep people informed during post-tropical storm Fiona. As this was one of the strongest storms the east coast has seen, it is significant that, with very few exceptions, stations in the affected areas have managed to stay on air and continue to broadcast critical information to their communities.

We have heard several stories thus far of stations that have used generators at both their studio and transmitter sites in some of the harder-hit areas. Moreover, the dedicated news departments and programming teams volunteered to work over the weekend to continue delivering news and keep the public entertained in places where the power was out, and citizens were advised to stay home.

Emergencies such as this one underscore the power and importance of our local radio stations as they work to ensure their communities stay informed. We are thinking of all our members on the east coast as they report on this terrible storm and the recovery efforts, and everyone in Atlantic Canada and eastern Quebec who has been affected.