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Industry Best Practices

In its report Reflecting Canadians - Best Practices for Cultural Diversity in Private Television, the Task Force for Cultural Diversity on Television recommended a number of Best Practices and Industry initiatives to assist the Canadian broadcasting industry with the overall advancement and improvement of cultural diversity on television. The Best Practices are intended not only to address the gaps or weaknesses uncovered by the Task Force's research, but also to strengthen the existing, positive dimensions of cultural diversity on television.

The Canadian broadcasting system is a complex industry, comprised of a range of businesses, from large corporations with multiple market presence to smaller companies in single markets. The Best Practices were designed to recognize the social and market realities in which broadcasters operate including the significant differences between English-language and French-language markets, and smaller and larger markets.

These Best Practices and Industry Initiatives were unanimously endorsed by the CAB's Television and Specialty and Pay Boards in May 2005.

The CAB's Best Practices have been organized into the following 10 areas:

  1. Industry Commitment
  2. Application and Measurement
  3. Corporate Commitment and Accountability
  4. Recruitment, Hiring, Retention
  5. Internship, Mentoring and Scholarships
  6. News and Information Programming
  7. Programming - Acquired, Independent, and In-house Production
  8. Community Connections
  9. Internal Communications
  10. External Communications

Click here for a complete list of the CAB's Best Practices.


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