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What the Industry is Doing - CTVglobemedia

Labour Minister Recognizes CTV Montreal’s “Inclusive Workplace”
Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn presented CTV Montreal with a certificate August 14, 2008 in recognition of “its outstanding efforts in creating an inclusive workplace.” The Minister noted in a news release that the station “has demonstrated its commitment to workplace diversity and is a model for employers in Canada.” In addition, the Employment Equity Act Annual Report - 2007, tabled in the House of Commons June 17, identifies CTV Montreal as one of the top five employers in Canada in terms of workplace diversity and gives the station perfect marks for the representation of women, Aboriginal people, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities.

CTV Recognized for Diversity Achievements
Labour Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn has awarded CTV with a certificate for excellence in promoting diversity in the workforce. At a July 10 media conference in Toronto, the Minister commended the broadcaster for its leadership and made special mention of both CTV’s National Aboriginal Internship program and CTV Montreal's outstanding record in attracting and retaining culturally diverse personnel. The Internship Program places an Aboriginal intern with each local station for 12 weeks to gain hands-on experience and the opportunity for job placement outside the internship. The broadcaster says the program is just one example of many that help CTV overall retain its "A" rating for employment of Aboriginal Peoples, as reported in the Minister's Employment Equity 2007 Annual Report. As well, the report includes CTV Montreal as a “Top 10 Employer” in Canada, scoring an “A” ranking in all four designated group categories.

Canadian Centre for Diversity Picks CTVglobemedia as Exclusive Media Sponsor
The Canadian Centre for Diversity has named CTVglobemedia Inc. as the Exclusive National Media Sponsor of the Centre's 2007-2008 “See Different” fundraising campaign. The partnership provides the Centre, a national organization that teaches young Canadians how to overcome fear and prejudice through information, education and involvement, with a multiplatform awareness campaign leveraging CTVglobemedia's extensive array of television, radio and print properties. "We're pleased to play a role in inspiring young people in Canada to stand up for diversity, equity and inclusion," said Sarah Crawford, Vice-President Public Affairs, CTVglobemedia. The PSA campaign launches at the end of November '07 and runs through 2007/08.

CTV News Launches National Aboriginal Internship Program
CTV News recently launched the National Aboriginal Internship Program. Eleven regional stations across the country will each offer a twelve-week paid internship (summer 2006) as part of an ongoing commitment to Aboriginal reflection through participation and partnership. The available internships will be in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Sudbury, Kitchener, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. “With the introduction of this National Aboriginal Internship Program, CTV News is committed to creating a greater Aboriginal presence in our newsrooms on a local and national basis,” said Robert Hurst, President, CTV News. “This will help to increase Aboriginal reflection and participation in the broadcasting industry, one of the key issues raised in the Canadian Association of Broadcasters' Task Force on Cultural Diversity. The National Aboriginal Internship Program is in addition to other Aboriginal initiatives that CTV actively supports." For information on applying for these positions, please visit, and follow the link to Careers at the bottom of the home page.


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