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Persons with Disabilities

CAB Outreach Committee on the Presence, Portrayal and Participation of Persons with Disabilities

In its action plan, the CAB identified the creation of an Outreach Committee to serve as an ongoing advisory group on the implementation of the CAB’s work plan and proposals. The Outreach Committee includes representatives from the independent production sector, industry guilds and/or trade associations, representatives from national disability organizations and others with expertise in issues related to disability and the media.

Terms of Reference

  1. Act as an Advisory Group to the CAB Steering Committee in the development of the CAB’s research report and implementation plan relating to issues concerning the presence, portrayal and participation of persons with disabilities.

  2. Provide the CAB Steering Committee with advice and feedback on various proposals and recommendations put forward to advance the presence, portrayal and participation of persons with disabilities in television programming and within the industry.

  3. The CAB Outreach Committee will be convened on a regular basis for the purpose of advising the CAB on its research report which is scheduled to be filed with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on September 16th, 2005.


James McDonald
Consultant & Past Chair, CAB Board of Directors ( Toronto)

Leesa Levinson
Performer, ACTRA ( Toronto)

Gavin Lumsden
Executive Producer, Rogers Television ( Ottawa)

Don Peuramaki
President, Fireweed Media Productions ( Toronto)

John Rae
President, Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians ( Kelowna)

Janus Raudkivi
Journalist ( Toronto)

Enza Ronaldi
Senior Coordinator, Accessibility Advisory Council of Ontario ( Scarborough)

Rachael Ross
President, National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) (Victoria)

Patrick Tanguay
Corporate programs and Services Advisor, Canadian Space Agency (Longueuil)


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