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Persons with Disabilities


Recommended Guidelines on Language and Teminology – Persons with Disabilities: A Manual for News Professionals(pdf version)
This manual for news professionals, developed by the CAB Television and Specialty & Pay Boards in consultation with RTNDA Canada, includes recommended guidelines on the use of language and terminology when referring to persons with disabilities. The manual has been made available to all CAB and RTNDA members, and is also available on line in a printable and accessible format on the CAB’s Diversity in Broadcasting Web site.

Employment Opportunities in the Canadian Broadcasting and Affiliated Production Sector (pdf version)
This brochure, developed by the CAB Television and Specialty & Pay Boards, outlines the types of employment available in the broadcasting and affiliated production sector. This brochure is aimed at improving the participation of persons with disabilities in the industry. The brochure will be made available on the CAB’s Diversity in Broadcasting Web site in an accessible and printable format and will be promoted to the disability community, educational institutions and relevant government agencies and/or departments (municipal, provincial and federal).


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