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The CAB Applauds CRTC’s response
to the Report of Task Force for Cultural Diversity

Ottawa, March 24, 2005 – The Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) welcomes the response by Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to the Report of the Task Force for Cultural Diversity on Television, an initiative established by the CAB in the fall of 2002. The Report was presented to the CRTC in July, 2004.

In its response to the Report, the CRTC noted that the research conducted by the Task Force was a “thorough and valuable context for understanding the current state of the presentation of cultural diversity on television, and the critical consequences of under-representation and of negative and inaccurate portrayal in the media.” The Commission also commended the Best Practices laid out in the Report, noting that they “povide excellent tools that will assist broadcasters in implementing their corporate plans.” r

“The CAB is pleased that the Commission has found significant value in the initiatives set out in the Report,” said CAB President & CEO Glenn O’Farrell. “Canada’s private broadcasters take the issue of reflection and portrayal of cultural diversity on television seriously, and together with our industry partners, we are committed to advancing the reflection and portrayal of Canada’s ethnocultural and Aboriginal Peoples on television.”

“As the national organization representing private broadcasters in Canada, the CAB is but one link in the chain necessary to ensure the advancement of cultural diversity on television” added O’Farrell. “It is time for all industry stakeholders to step up to the plate and assume their responsibilities in this regard. It is only with the dedicated contribution of producers, guilds, unions, and broadcasters, that Canadian television and its programming reflect our diverse and rich population.”

The CAB and its members are already working to ensure that the Best Practices and Industry Initiatives as set out in the Task Force Report are undertaken in a timely manner.

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) is the national voice of Canada’s private broadcasters, representing the vast majority of Canadian programming services, including private radio and television stations, networks, specialty, pay and pay-per-view services.

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